THREE YEARS OF SKORTS (and I'm Not Looking Back)!

April 1 is a distant memory and I'm just now getting around to realizing I have been practicing this experiment for THREE WHOLE YEARS. Every day for every occasion, I have worn a black golf skort. I've sure enjoyed the mental and emotional space created when I stopped feeding my "what am I going to wear?" beast. If I hadn't simplified my closet (and my life), for example, who knows if I ever would have finished my book? But I did! (Beyond Mama Bear: How to Survive the Balancing Act of Parenting Teenagers, available now on amazon!) Here at the ripe age of 48, My Friends, I am content never being the best dressed belle at the ball. Feeling comfortable in my own skin--and certainly in my own clothes--is the best weapon I've found to combat the never ending chaos of middle age. We all shine on!