The Skort Report: Best Skort for Travel

After ten months of painstaking, daily research--and many, many golf skorts--I have mastered the art of comfortable, convenient, wrinkle-free travel. As I wrote in this post last spring, air-travel has changed, but nothing makes it easier--and more enjoyable--than wearing the black skort. 

[I am (sadly) paid nothing--by nobodynever!--for any of my observations or endorsements. It's a shame, too -- Jamie Sadock should pay my salary. This is enthusiastic endorsement #2 of her products. Because they're that good.]

3. Best for Travel: Jamie Sadock's Zen Pull-On Skort

FORM: Practical and pretty. This skort is stretchy, a little shiny, and totally wrinkle-proof, whether you wear it on your journey or cram it into your carry-on. 

It is so light and comfortable, it's easy to forget you are wearing it at all, which is a feature I most enjoy while sitting for hours at a time. Best of all, this little number falls right into shape when you stand up, keeping you looking fresh and fabulous, no matter how long or eventful your trip becomes. It's actually pretty (and "dressier" than your average athletic bottom)!

FUNCTION: Stretchy and shiny.  Perfect for vacations, especially if you enjoy a good brunch or buffet line: the wide elastic waistband is comfortable and stays put, no matter how much you indulge in local cuisine.

I usually wear a thin pair of leggings underneath for airline travel, because I get a little chilly on planes (also that extra layer makes me feel a little less exposed to the mysteries of public furniture). My beloved zippered pockets allow me to stay somewhat organized as I dash through airports to make my connections.

This skort is made out of some crazy micro-poly material which also happens to be stain-resistant; it is actually slippery to the touch. You can drop your bagel face-down on your lap and the cream cheese will scrape right off. No one will ever know. The black-on-black pattern likewise helps disguise coffee or wine spills. (You are probably not as clumsy or messy as I am, but just in case . . . this is good stuff to keep in mind.)

FASHION I promise you, in this skort no one will know your secrets (how comfortable you really are, how many meals you have spilled, how many hours you've been cooped up in tiny spaces). You will look like a smartly dressed woman in a nicely draped black skirt. The shine factor will also take you into evening, as they say -- paired with a sparkly little black tank, you're ready for a club or a Broadway play or a sumptuous, romantic dinner!

Because it is constructed of space-age fabric, this skort also dries quickly. I think you could conceivably wash it in a public sink, wring it out, dry it with the restroom's hand-dryer. I have not personally tried this--yet--but it seems entirely plausible. Which means, of course, you could wear this baby several days in a row. You'll look right and ready, no matter the occasion (and no matter how filthy your travels become).

FEE: ***This just in!! ON SALE for $45 at !! *** (Lots of other Jamie Sadock also currently on sale -- go big or go home, Ladies!!) :-)

$95 at Jamie Sadock's online store and other golf retail outlets. Yeah. Expensive, again. The fact is, wearing a skort every day of my life means I am willing to pay for the best I can find . .  and Jamie Sadock is the best skort designer out there. Her garments are fabulous, functional and fashionable. They wear well. In my mind, they are worth the steep cost -- and the Zen Pull-On is no exception, especially for globe-trotting.

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