The Skort Report: Best Skort for the Beach

After ten months of painstaking, daily research--and many, many golf skorts--I have mastered the art of comfort while playing on the beach.

[If you are a sun-bathing beauty who enjoys the solace and solitude of a lounge chair, this post is not for you. A skort leaves a funny tan line and looks odd amongst teenie-weenie bikinis. If, however, you see every body of water as a chance for Big Fun (like I do), read on . . . .]

I am rather clumsy on dry land, but in the water, as sure and graceful as a mermaid. I enjoy jumping, diving, swimming, boogie- and paddle-boarding, waterskiing and big, wet slides. When I am lucky enough to get to the ocean, I don't waste one minute of daylight lounging on the sand. I'm really only having fun if I am snorkeling, body-surfing, or paddling a kayak. All of which are way, way better in a black skort.

This one is my favorite so far [I am (sadly) paid nothing--by nobodynever!--for any of my observations or endorsements]:

2. Best for the Beach: Athleta's Swagger Skort 

FORM: Short and sweet. It is shorter than my daily skort, and stretchier. This skort is light as a feather, stretchy, and made of cool-to-the-touch micropoly/Spandex. It weighs practically nothing and dries lickity-split. This miracle material also wicks and breathes and performs well in the washing machine, dryer, chlorinated pool and saltwater.  

FUNCTION: Better than a bathing-suit bottom, because no designer I have found makes a tankini with a mid-thigh mesh short. And this, my friends, is vital. In this skort, I get way less sand in my crotch and between my thighs!! THAT is the indelicate but gorgeous truth, Ladies -- the shorts part of the skort is a revolutionary experience on the beach! Can you imagine??

The wide waistband is comfy and stays put (so do those built-in shorts, thanks to the no-pinch silicone leg grips!), and the fully-adjustable drawstring at the waist means you'll feel confident diving into the deep end or riding the roughest wave.

One small zippered pocket keeps a key and ID secure at the small of your back. You shouldn't be swimming with your phone, anyway, so that one little pocket is perfect.

FASHION: Easy-breezy-lemon-sqeezey. The triple ruffles keep it modest, but 'beachy' enough to make me feel like Annette Funicello. I wear it with a nice, coordinating bikini top--a halter is my forever fave--but you could pair it with the top half of any tankini or similar suit. As we see above, this skort comes in plenty of summery color options (although I would never recommend white anything for the water!).

It dries so quickly, you can throw on your flip-flops and a nice top and go right to a nice summer dinner. I have also been wearing mine this winter with substantial, wooly leggings and long boots. Darling!  Truly, 'tis a skort for all seasons.

FEE: $54 at Athleta. Not too shabby, considering the effortless comfort of this beauty allows you to run along the beach, pondering your own personal horizons, without annoying sand or painful rubbing killing the moment.

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