The Skort Report--Definition of Terms

After ten months of daily, painstaking research, I know my SKORTS. My friends have asked me for my recommendations: Where should they buy a skort? Which skort should they buy?

Beginning this week, I introduce The Skort Report: a shopping guide to the best skorts money can buy!

Take notes, Ladies, and get shopping . . . let the glory of the skort simplify and revolutionize YOUR life, too!

To be certain we are all on the same page, we begin with

Definitions of SKORT Terms:

Upcoming Installments in The Skort Report:

Best in Show: The Best Skort Money Can Buy

Best Skort for Travel

Best Skort for the Beach

Best Skort for Pretending You Are Wearing Your Pajamas All Day

Best Skort with a Belt

Honorable Mention