It Begins. April 1--No Joke--All Skorts, All the Time!

On the Road to Hana (Maui, January 2014), with my childhood friend Chris Kepler. I am wet, bruised from all the fun I have had in the ocean, and so happy I don't care WHAT I look like. Bring it, Skort365!

I am not giving up caring how I look.

I am, however, admitting this: the specifics of what I wear matter less than I think.

I am attempting to simplify the process of getting dressed to go in public.

I regret the time, energy and anguish I have spent contemplating my wardrobe these past several decades.

I can tell you today what I will wear to a “cocktail” event during the next 12 months. Also what I will wear to a funeral or wedding, a job interview or presentation, a Christmas party or a July 4th barbeque. I will wear a black golf skort, of course, but I have narrowed my options to such a degree that decisions about the rest of the ensemble are already made. As my former Catholic-school students have pointed out, I am doing little different than they did their entire school careers. I’m wearing a uniform. Every day, for every occasion, for one full year.

So when I know an event is approaching, and I don’t spend two months composing my outfit, what will become of me? I cannot imagine it. How will I spend my time? What will I obsess about? It seems to me that if I could get back all those hours I have spent worrying about what to wear, I could do something very, very significant for the world.

A black skort on my bottom half pretty much precludes me from ever being the Prettiest Girl at the Party. I know I will look appropriate (most people will not even be aware of the little experiment I am conducting), but I will certainly not have the trendiest, the sparkliest, the most beautiful ensemble in the room. I am not sure I ever did, but I have sure felt motivated by the idea of wanting to be That Girl.